Can I get fit doing Zumba?

Doing a Zumba fitness class will raise your heart rate and get your body moving without undue stress on your limbs and joints, this is a formula that will definitely help you burn more calories and tone your muscles! Add to that a good dose of enthusiam and even a touch of passion and you have the perfect recipe for a change in lifestyle that will make you fitter and healthier.

What should I wear for my Zumba class?

Whatever you wear you need to be comfortable! Wear workout clothes that are breathable and supple are best. Wear thin layers that you can take off as you get warmer, you’ll definitely be getting warm doing your Zumba workout!

Do I need special shoes for Zumba?

No not really, comfortable training shoes are fine. Dance trainers are suitable too, anything that allows you to twist and turn with the music!

Is there anything else I need?

Nothing special, but like any exercise class you need to take a drink with you to replace lost body fluid as you exercise. Keeping hydrated is an important part of any workout to make sure you get the most benefit from it.

What’s the most important thing about Zumba?

It’s simple, find a class, join in and HAVE FUN! Check out Nicki’s Zumba Bromsgrove class timetable or just Contact Nicki for more information.

Nicki's Monday Zumba class at The Spadesbourne Suite

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